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Malvarosa nursery plant: about us


The choice of specialist nursery

Our company is located on the eastern slope of Etna, not far from the sea, in a fortunate area of Sicily that enjoys the presence of the volcano (The climate is not too hot, water is abundant in the ground and the soil is fertile). The nursery was established on land previously planted with lemon trees, and even before it was a vineyard. On this generous land, towards the end of the ‘800, was built the country house, a holiday home, which still forms the centre of the life of the company.

Nowadays our nursery, taking advantage of the favourable characteristics of the territory, is committed to promoting beauty through knowledge of specific collections of new and unusual plants. Those plants which in some way are linked to the Sicilian and Mediterranean traditions, but also plants which on our lands, for some unknown reason, nobody has ever seen.

Therefore our choice was for specialization, avoiding the prospect of a “generalist” nursery, which produces a bit of everything, and even avoiding the prospect of a nursery forced to chase fads. We like to think that we are proposing something new, something different and that we are giving to the gardens, the balconies and the terraces of our customers, a personal and creative contribution. We feel the responsibility to carry out a productive activity which is not like a car with no head, but with a head which has a clear conscience, and the joy of being part of a larger system which needs each of us: for us to cultivate the land is to cultivate all the earth.



For a lot of time, we realized that there are widespread plants which are known superficially. So our choice brings us to put our attention to some plants which, although universally known and despite being part of the common experience of each person, reserve sometimes unimaginable surprises. Amongst these, the one which matches these characteristics is probably the geranium (or pelargonium, to be more accurate).

We aim to show our customers how many forms, colours, and smells, can have a pelargonium and how beautiful can be this plant in various situations. After a few years, we added a jasmine plants collection to our pelargoniums. Colours and scent of home, of our land (there’s no place in Sicily where you can’t find jasmines), and also smells which tell us about stories of the past times or exotics and faraway land.



Over the years our customers, at first frightened and suspicious, have learned to appreciate our proposals, giving proof of their capability of living in their green spaces originally and imaginatively and above all giving us the enthusiasm to carry on. To let see our customers how jasmines can be exploited, we have also made a space dedicated to our customers: “The Jasminum’s garden”. An adjacent place to our nursery where they can admire grown plants and learn to recognize them, get ideas and take suggestions.

Therefore this site aims to inform about our production, revealing “secrets” of each variety and species of our collection, bringing our visitants into an online garden.
Anyway, this site is also an invitation to meet us “personally” in the nursery and our Bed and Breakfast.


Filippo Figuera – Malvarosa