The Garden of Jasmines

The Garden of Jasmines

The Garden of Jasmines is the only garden in Europe entirely dedicated to Jasminum genus thanks to its great collection of jasmines.

This garden is situated in an old sheep pen and visitors can still have a look to the ancient dry stone walls which used to separate sheeps in the three different “rooms” as fences.

All our jasmines are grown in our nursery and they’re divided into different sections. All the species and varieties in the Garden of Jasmines are part of the Jasminum genus and of the Oleaceae family.


Garden of Jasmines' Map

The Garden of Jasmines and its "rooms".


Didactic Path

Illustrated panel with information on Jasmines.


Visitors can have a walk inside the Garden of Jasmines following a short path and its illustrated panels with interesting information on these wonderful plants. They will have the chance to observe jasmines’ behavior and learn about their history, origin, diffusion and cultivation.

Come visit us! You will learn how to recognize every species with its own peculiarities. You will learn a new way to see jasmines, to observe them and even to sniff them!

After a visit to our garden you will start talking about Jasmines in the plural, that’s why we called it The Garden of Jasmines.

Garden of Jasmines Guided Tours

Malvarosa organizes guided tours of the Garden of Jasmines on request.
Visit includes a walk in the garden and a tasting of our products made with malvarosa (Pelargonium graveolens) and jasmines. 
Contact us for further information!