Shipping Costs and Information

Shipping Costs and Information

Shipping times​

Orders are shipped on the first days of each week to avoid transport blockages during the weekend. Customers will receive the tracking code by email to monitor the shipment as soon as it is available. We are not responsible if the order never arrives at its destination or is delivered with a severe delay (which compromises the condition of the plants received) if the courier reports that the recipient is absent, or fails to deliver due to incomplete data or wrong address. It is the customer’s responsibility to enter a correct and complete destination address. We also remind you that the courier DOES NOT make deliveries in abnormal conditions, such as deliveries to the floor, inside private properties, or to destinations he cannot reach with his vehicle.

Italy - Single Rate

Shipping costs for all of Italy have a fixed charge of €13.00. The package arrives at its destination within two working days of sending.


Our system will automatically calculate the expenses as soon as the destination address is entered for all other European countries. The order will arrive at its destination in approximately one week. It depends on the recipient’s location.

We do not ship to the UK.