The Magnificent Seven Scented Pelargoniums


Here are our magnificent 7 fragrant pelargoniums!

We have selected these geraniums because they are our customers’ favourite for their intense and unmistakable scent. They’re perfect for those who want to start their collection of fragrant leaf pelargoniums.

With this collection you will receive 7 fragrant pelargoniums among these (of our choice):

Orange scent: ‘Prince of orange’, ‘Orange Fizz’.
Lemon scent: P. crispum, ‘Lemon fancy’, ‘Lemon kiss’, ‘Queen of Lemon’, ‘Mabel Grey’. P. citronellum.
Resin scent: ‘Royal Oak’, P. quercifolium, ‘Fair ellen’.
Rose scent: P. graveolens, ‘Attar of Roses’, ‘Rosat’, ‘Candy Dancer’, ‘Little Gem’.
Mint fragrance: P. tomentosum, ‘Mentarosa’, ‘Chocolate Peppermint’.
Green apple scent: P. odoratissimum, P. hypoleucum.

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Weight 14.7 kg